Inspired by Overtone Singing

He painstakingly calculates and tunes each note frequency to perfect exactitude by hand welding, hammering and trimming metal and wood. Besides sounding good, his work is harmonically superior as they provide the benefit of being calming to the brain as your brain relaxes when it recognises true harmony. 


Each instrument comes after many months of research and development with different materials, models and dimensions, to the desired sound and exact precision. The heat treatment of metals and wood treatment play an important role in the color of the final sound. He personally makes and tunes his instruments to mirror the harmonics present in the human voice and wind instruments. 

The Product

AmoenusSound Professional Musical Instruments offers an unique product of limited series. Each instrument is manufactured and tuned by hand as accurately as possible by the experience of many years in the construction of diverse musical instruments and applying the knowledge gained in the study of Architecture Technical and Engineering.